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The latest issue of Papers in Regional Science are available! Volume 101, Issue 3, June 2022

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Papers in Regional Science
Volume 101, Issue 3

Pages: 513-768

June 2022


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Pages: 513-514 | First Published:12 June 2022


Open Access

Can regional policies shape migration flows?

Augusto Cerqua, Guido Pellegrini, Ornella Tarola

Pages: 515-536 | First Published:02 March 2022

Spatial heterogeneities, institutions, and income: Evidence for Brazil

William Y. N. Suzuki, Marcio P. Laurini, Luciano Nakabashi

Pages: 537-571 | First Published:01 March 2022

Skill‐Relatedness and Regional Economic Development in Spain during the International Crisis and the Post‐Crisis Period

Simón Sánchez-Moral, Mário Vale, Alfonso Arellano

Pages: 573-602 | First Published:17 March 2022

Measuring the efficiency of materials management based on data envelopment analysis approach: the case of Polish regions

Aneta Masternak-Janus

Pages: 603-618 | First Published:14 February 2022

Information communication technology and manufacturing decentralisation in China

Tinglin Zhang, Bindong Sun, Wan Li, Huimin Zhou

Pages: 619-637 | First Published:22 February 2022

Open Access

The Mediating Role of Urbanization on the Composition of Happiness

Cristina Bernini, Alessandro Tampieri

Pages: 639-657 | First Published:18 March 2022

Open Access

Shooting down the price: Evidence from Mafia homicides and housing prices

Michele Battisti, Giovanni Bernardo, Andrea Mario Lavezzi, Giuseppe Maggio

Pages: 659-683 | First Published:26 February 2022

Open Access

Spatial dependence in the technical efficiency of local banks

Carmelo Algeri, Luc Anselin, Antonio Fabio Forgione, Carlo Migliardo

Pages: 685-716 | First Published:17 March 2022

Political competition, spatial interactions, and default risk of local government debts in China

Cong Yu, Linke Hou, Yuxia Lyu, Qi Zhang

Pages: 717-743 | First Published:01 March 2022

Travel mode choice as a representation of travel utility: A multilevel approach reflecting the hierarchical structure of trip, individual, and neighborhood characteristics

Jindo Jeong, Jiwon Lee, Tae-Hyoung Tommy Gim

Pages: 745-765 | First Published:01 March 2022


A Behavioural Theory of Economic Development: The Uneven Evolution of Cities and Regions, By Robert Huggins and Piers Thompson, Oxford University Press, 2021, £75/$100 hb. 336 pp. ISBN: 978‐0‐19‐883234‐8

Martijn J. Smit

Pages: 767-768 | First Published:18 March 2022

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