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Tuesday, 19 January 2021 06:02

RSPP Webinar (January 29, 14:00 (CET) | Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Territorial Inequalities Policies

RSPP WEBINAR | Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Territorial Inequalities Policies

Friday, January 29, 2021

14:00 (CET) [13:00 (GMT) | 13:00 (UTC) | 08:00 (EST)]

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RSPP-EUREAL initiative coordinated by Ana Viñuela

14:00-14:15 | Welcome, by Eduardo Haddad, RSAI President

14:15-14:30 | Introduction, by Ana Viñuela and Tomaz Ponce Dentinho

14:30-15:00 | Understanding the experiences of indigenous minorities through the lens of spatial justice: the case of Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia, by Masni Mat Dong and Maria Plotnikova

15:00-15:30 | Policy design to address territorial inequalities in multi-sectoral political systems, by Paul Cairney, Sean Kippin and Emily St Denny

15:30-16:00 | Regional inequality, spatial dependence and proximity structures, by Domenica Panzera, Alfredo Cartone and Paolo Postiglione

16:00-16:30 | Au revoir Paris! Spanish regions closer to the EU average and further away from the leaders, by Alicia Gómez-Tello, María José Murgui-García and María Teresa Sanchis-Llopis

16:30-17:00 | Productivity and agglomeration economies in manufacturing of the metropolitan areas of Mexico, 1998-2013, by Jaime A. Prudencio Vázquez, Fernando Rubiera Morollón and Esteban Fernández Vázquez

17:00-17:30 | Inequality as a determinant of migration decisions, by Magdalena Ulceluse, Bettina Bock and Tialda Haartsen

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