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Call for Abstracts | 12th World Congress of the RSAI, May 29 to June 1, 2018, Goa, India

Friday, 15 September 2017 12:35

Call for Abstracts

The Regional Science Association International (RSAI) and the Regional Science Association of India invite regional scientists, economists, economic geographers, urban planners, policy makers, and researchers of related disciplines to participate in the 12th World Congress of the Regional Science Association International, with the main theme "Spatial Systems: Social Integration, Regional Development and Sustainability". The Congress will be hosted by the Regional Science Association of India.


We invite formal paper presentations (deadline of November 30, 2017. The abstract submission portal is now open. Full information on the venue, abstract submission, registration, schedule of events, accommodation and travel information is posted at


About the Focal Theme

Across the world, communities are striving to achieve an ecologically and socially secure future. The intricately linked ideas of sustainability and integration are the key to achieving our development goals. As regional scientists, our common pursuit of a sustainable future may be attained with more efficient understanding of the ‘region’ as a spatial unit. Keeping this objective in mind, the theme of the 2018 Congress highlights the importance of analyzing spatial systems as not just physical space or social space, but shared space. The sub-themes will be aimed at providing a platform for debates and discussions around the key issues of contemporary regional science and carve out the way to future research agenda.


Special Sessions

SS00 – Forty Under Forty
Geoffrey Hewings
SS01 – Water management in South Asia: From conflict to cooperation
Paulo Casaca
SS02 – Smart Cities Initiatives for the 21st Century: Myth or Reality
Sumana Banerjee and Vijay Pandey (Chair)
SS03 – Territorial Governance and Local Development in Developing Countries
Andre Torre (Chair) and Habibullah Magsi
SS04 – Spatial Econometric Interaction Modelling
Manfred M. Fischer (Chair) and Yee Leung
SS05 – Spatial Analysis: From Neural Computing to Deep Learning
Yee Leung (Chair) and Manfred M. Fischer
SS06 – Walled Territories
Andrea Székely
SS07 – Economic Corridors, Development and Regional Cooperation in South Asia and Beyond
Siegfried O. Wolf
SS08 – Metropolitan Governance in a conflict, competition and cooperation contexts
Jorge Gonçalves
SS09 – Analytical Approaches to Climate Change at Multiple Scales
Gerrit-Jan Knaap
SS10 – Rural Transformation
Subrata Dutta ​
SS11 – The future of leisure: tourism, mobility and transportation
João Romão (Chair), Peter Nijkamp and Luca Zamparini
SS12 – Transforming Metropolitan Regions: Ideas and Examples
Amit Chatterjee
SS13 – Citizenry and Regional Planning
Subhra Chattopadhyay
SS14 - Revisiting rural-urban dichotomy for integrated regional development
Manisha Jain and Artem Korzhenevych (Chair) ​
SS15 - Conflict, Migration, and Diaspora
Manas Chatterji
SS16 - Comparative Patterns of Indian and Chinese Urbanization
Manas Chatterji
SS17 - Regional Science and Peace Science
Manas Chatterji
SS18 - Natural and Man-Made Disaster Management
Manas Chatterji
SS19 - Globalization and Regional Science
Manas Chatterji 


Regular Sessions

RS01 - Big Data for Regional Science

RS02 - Cooperation and Development

RS03 - Environmental Issues

RS04 - Infrastructure, Transportation and Accessibility

RS05 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

RS06 - Location of Economic Activity

RS07 - Methods in Regional Science and Urban Economics

RS08 - Migration and Labor Markets

RS09 - Real Estate and Housing

RS10 - Regional and Urban Policy and Governance

RS11 - Regional Finance, Investment or Capital Markets

RS12 - Rural Development

RS13 - Social Integration

RS14 - Spatial Planning

RS15 - Spatial Systems in Transitional economies

RS16 - Tourism


We look forward to welcoming you in the dazzling city of Goa in May 2018.


With warmest regards,

The Organizing Committee

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