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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 04:00

Winner 2015 RSAI Best Dissertation in Regional Science

RSAI Dissertation Award

There were a total of 15 submissions for the 2015 dissertation competition, in which eight from U.S. universities, two from Turkey, and one each from Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, India, and Israel. The final winner and two runner ups are presented as follows.


Twinam Tate


Final winner: Tate Twinam, University of Pittsburgh, with a thesis with the title “The Economics of Zoning” jointly supervised by Arie Beresteanu and Randall P. Walsh.




Two runner ups: Jianjun Tang, University of Groningen (Netherlands), with a dissertation with the title “Demand-oriented irrigation water management in North Western China” supervised by Henk Folmer; and Mona Kashiha, University of North Carolina at Charlotte with the title “Spatial competition based on customers' choice histories: A study of trade flows” advise by  Jean-Claude Thill.