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Monday, 14 November 2016 07:12

Winner 2016 RSAI Best Dissertation in Regional Science

RSAI Dissertation Award

Review panel

Professor Eveline Van Leeuwen from VU University Amsterdam; Professor Turała Maciej from University of Lodz, Poland; and Professor JiYoung Park from University at Buffalo



Van Meeteren Michiel2


Michiel van Meeteren

Graduated from Ghent University, Belgium

Title: From Polycentricity to a Renovated Urban Systems Theory: Explaining Belgian Settlement Geographies

Advisor: Ben Derudder        




Zhaoya Gong

Graduated from University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Title: Multiscalar Modeling of Polycentric Urban-Regional Systems: Economic Agglomeration, Scale Dependency and Agent Interactions

Advisor: Jean-Claude Thill


Elco Koks

Graduated from VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands

Title: Economic Modelling for Flood Risk Assessment

Advisor: Jeroen Aerts