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Monday, 18 February 2019 09:00

Winner 2019 RSPP Annual Paper Award For the Best Paper in Regional Science Policy and Practice

RSPP Annual Paper Award

For the Best Paper in Regional Science Policy and Practice

Winners 2019

Manuel GomezMarco mosquedaJazmin AlejandraManuel Gómez‐ZaldívarMarco T. Mosqueda and J. Alejandra Duran (2017) - Localization of manufacturing industries and specialization in Mexican states: 1993–2013: 1993–2013. Regional Science Policy & Practice 9 (4), 301-315

"The paper is a nice and complete package. An accepted methodology thoughtfully applied to a national economy to review shifts in sectoral or regional shares. It is an enlightening Policy & Practice entry-level paper for a bright student to get his/her feet wet with this general topic."