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Monday, 01 March 2021 12:28

Winners RSPP Paper Award

Following the procedures to select the RSPP paper award, the jury constituted by Gordon Mulligan, David Plane , Philip McCann, Neil Reid and Tomaz Dentinho selected two articles as winners of the 2022 Best Paper award on RSPP. Congratulations to all winners!

The two papers are:

Gabriel Lyrio de Oliveira and André Luis Squarize Chagas (2020) - Effects of a cash transfer programme on origin–destination migration flows. Regional Science Policy & Practice 12(1), 83–104.


Very thorough study using state-of-art regional science methodology to study effects of the Bolsa Familia programme in Brazil, showing an Interesting and pedagogical method to analyse the regional redistribution of income with very good data and important results for policy makers. Spatial and social redistribution of public money is an important topic and a good exemplar of a RSPP article.

Kevin Credit (2020) - Neighbourhood inequity: Exploring the factors underlying racial and ethnic disparities in COVID- 19 testing and infection rates using ZIP code data in Chicago and New York. Regional Science Policy & Practice 12(6),1249-1271.


The paper focus a cutting-edge topic using a fine-grained neighbourhood modelling leading to interesting empirical findings s as well as specific and focused policy recommendations tied to the study results. It is a very relevant demonstration that it is possible and advisable to get  scientific evidences from emergent phenomena that can be useful for policy makers.