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Monday, 13 February 2017 09:56

Latest issue of the journal Regional Statistics is available

We would like to offer your attention the latest issue of our journal Regional Statistics!


The cognitive and geographical structure of knowledge links and how they influence firms’ innovation performance – Tom Broekel – Ron Boschma

DOI: 10.15196/RS06201

An improved radiation model and its applicability for understanding commuting patterns
in Hungary – Levente Varga – Géza Tóth – Zoltán Néda

DOI: 10.15196/RS06202

Commuting patterns in Romania: Case study on Cluj County – József Benedek
– Iulia Hărănguș – Titus Man

DOI: 10.15196/RS06203

The Transport in Our Time-Budget – Tamás Fleischer – Melinda Tir  

DOI: 10.15196/RS06204

Migration settlement networks in the Carpathian Basin, 2001–2011
– Áron Kincses – Lajos Bálint

DOI: 10.15196/RS06205

Estimates of Net Capital Stock and Consumption of Fixed Capital for Australian States and Territories, 1990–2013 – Serguei Mikhailitchenko

DOI: 10.15196/RS06206

Characteristics of transit tourism in Hungary with a focus on expenditure
– Áron Kincses – Géza Tóth – Mihály Tömöri – Gábor Michalkó

DOI: 10.15196/RS06207

The uneven transformation of consumption spaces and the rise of new marginalities
in Hungary – Erika Nagy – Gábor Nagy – Gábor Dudás

DOI: 10.15196/RS06208


Brand wars in cyberspace: a GIS solution – Ákos Jakobi – Hajnalka Lőcsei

DOI: 10.15196/RS06209

The world’s economic centre of gravity – Géza Tóth – Zoltán Nagy

DOI: 10.15196/RS06210

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