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The latest issue of Papers in Regional Science is available! Volume 100, 2 (April 2021)

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Papers in Regional Science
Volume 100, Issue 2

Pages: 303-602

April 2021


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Pages: 303-304 | First Published: 06 April 2021


Spatial shift‐share analysis: Some new developments

Claudia V. Montanía, Miguel A. Márquez, Teresa Fernández‐Núñez, Geoffrey J.D. Hewings

Pages: 305-325 | First Published: 15 September 2020

Does EU regional policy promote local TFP growth? Evidence from the Italian Mezzogiorno

Giuseppe Albanese, Guido de Blasio, Andrea Locatelli

Pages: 327-348 | First Published: 02 September 2020

Collaboration networks, geography and innovation: Local and national embeddedness

Pablo Galaso, Jaromír Kovářík

Pages: 349-377 | First Published: 30 September 2020

Open Access

The contribution of statistical network models to the study of clusters and their evolution

Frans Hermans

Pages: 379-403 | First Published: 10 October 2020

Immigration and Native Employment. Evidence from Italian Provinces in the Aftermath of the Great Recession

Stefano Fusaro, Enrique López‐Bazo

Pages: 405-428 | First Published: 17 October 2020

Infant mortality in Turkey: Causes and effects in a regional context

Firat Bilgel

Pages: 429-453 | First Published: 19 September 2020

Open Access

Doubly constrained gravity models for interregional trade estimation

Mattia Cai

Pages: 455-474 | First Published: 30 October 2020

E‐commerce development and urban‐rural income gap: Evidence from Zhejiang Province, China

Lili Li, Yiwu Zeng, Zi Ye, Hongdong Guo

Pages: 475-494 | First Published: 26 August 2020

Tolerant or segregated? Immigration and electoral outcomes in urban areas

Carlo Devillanova

Pages: 495-515 | First Published: 03 November 2020

An assessment of the impacts of large‐scale urban projects on land values: The case of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Renan Almeida, Marcelo Brandão, Ramon Torres, Pedro Patrício, Pedro Amaral

Pages: 517-559 | First Published: 31 August 2020

Juvenile curfew and crime reduction: Evidence from Brazil

Luís Carazza, Raul da Mota Silveira Neto, Lucas Emanuel

Pages: 561-579 | First Published: 01 September 2020

The natural resource curse: Evidence from the Colombian municipalities

Jhorland Ayala‐García, Sandy Dall'erba

Pages: 581-602 | First Published: 29 September 2020


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