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The Peter Nijkamp Research Encouragement Award

The Peter Nijkamp RSAI Research Encouragement Award for an Mid-Career Scholar from a Developing Country



Luis Armando Galvis
CEER - Banco de la Republica, Colombia




Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Padjadjaran University, Indonesia

1. Goal


The Award recognizes the outstanding potential of an mid-career researcher from a nation in the developing world and in which there is a formal Section of RSAI, and seeks to encourage the development of the early career scholar as a high quality researcher in the field of Regional Science and as a participant in the international Regional Science community.


2. The Award and Eligibility


2.1 The Award is established to recognize and honour the outstanding contribution Professor Peter Nijkamp, a Fellow of RSAI and an outstanding regional science researcher, has made to the encouragement and involvement of young scholars in Regional Science research and activities.


2.2 The Award recognizes the potential of outstanding scholarship in Regional Science in an mid-career researcher working in a developing nation where there is a Section of RSAI.


2.3 Each year the RSAI Council will nominate a list of countries which it designates as a developing nation, and in which there is a Section of RSAI, for the purpose of eligibility for the purpose of the Award.


2.4 Eligibility to apply for the Award is restricted to mid-career researchers, defined as person in full time employment in either a teaching or a research position in a university or research institution in a developing nation in which there is a member section of RSAI, and who has held their doctoral qualification for no more than ten (10) years as at the 31 December in the year in which they apply for the Award.


2.5 An applicant for the Award must have been living in that or another developing nation continuously for at least the three year period from the 31 December of the year in which the application for the Award is made.


2.6 An applicant for the Award must be a member of RSAI.


2.7 The Award is made for what is judged in part on an evaluation of the quality of a written formal research paper on a topic in Regional Science, formatted in accordance with the requirements for submitting a paper Papers in Regional Science, and in part on an evaluation of the research track record and performance of the applicant as demonstrated in a full Curriculum Vitae.


2.8 RSAI will pay the costs of the winner of the Award to attend a meeting of one of the Supra-Regional organizations in RSAI (NARSC,ERSA, PRSCO) or the RSAI World Congress, participate in the conference, present paper at that meeting, and have the paper submitted for review and potential publication in Papers in Regional Science. The costs to be met by RSAI are an advance purchase air fare, conference registration, and accommodation at the conference.


2.9 A winner of the Award will be presented with a certificate at the RSAI meeting at which the winner attends and presents the winning paper.


2.10 Up to two (2) Awards may be made in any one year.


3. Nomination Process


3.1 By April each year the Executive Director will contact members of RSAI and post on the RSAI website a notice calling for applications for the Peter Nijkamp RSAI Research Encouragement Award for an Mid-Career Scholar from a Developing Country Award.


3.2 An eligible mid-career researcher from an eligible developing nation may submit a paper and their CV to the RSAI Executive Secretary for consideration for the Award at any time up to the end of November of that year.


3.3 An applicant for the Award must provide the RSAI Executive Director with an electronic copy of a paper, formatted in accordance with the requirements for submitting a manuscript to Papers in Regional Science, that is intended to be presented or which has been accepted for presentation to a forthcoming NARSC, ERSA or PRSCO conference or the RSAI World Congress.


3.4 In addition, an applicant for the Award must provide the RSAI Executive Director with an electronic copy of their up-to-date CV.


4. Jury and Process for Recommending the Award


4.1 In the last quarter of each year, a four person Jury will be named by the RSAI Council to consider the nominations for the Peter Nijkamp RSAI Research Encouragement Award for an mid-Career Scholar from a Developing Country.


4.2 The Jury will comprise the Immediate Past-President of RSAI as Chair, an Editor of Papers in Regional Science, and two Fellows of RSAI.


4.3 The Jury will convene (in person and/or by email/teleconference) after 1 January in the following calendar year.


4.4 The Jury will evaluate the applications received and passed onto it by the RSAI Executive Director. The Jury will submit its recommendation(s) to the RSAI Executive Director by the end of February in that year.

4.5 The RSAI Executive Secretary will inform the winner(s) of the Award and, up to a limit of 750 € will  make arrangements for their travel to the Supra-Regional (NARSC, ERSA, PRSCO) meeting or the RSAI World Congress at which the paper will be presented.


4.6 The Award must be taken up and the winner(s) attend the conference nominated during that year or the Award will lapse.


4.7 The Award will be presented to the Awardee(s) at the meeting at which the paper is presented by the Awardee(s).

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