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The latest issue of Regional Science Policy & Practice are available! Volume 14, Issue 1, February 2022

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The war in Ukraine is an alarming case of aggression between people and places. To build up peace, it's our duty as regional scientists to understand the causes and effects of this degradation of human interaction within space. I invite you to submit your thoughts, methods, evidences, policy evaluations and recommendations to the coming issue “Ukraine: Geopolitical Realities and Regional Development Perspectives” Submissions are due by 31 May 2022.

Tomaz Ponce Dentinho,
Editor-in-chief of Regional Science Policy and Practice

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Regional Science Policy & Practice
Volume 14, Issue 1
Regional Economic Development in the Russian Arctic, North, and Siberia

Pages: 1-207

February 2022

Issue Edited by: Alexander Pilyasov


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Issue Information

Pages: 1-2 | First Published:22 February 2022


Regional economic development in the Russian Arctic, North and Siberia

Alexander Pilyasov

Pages: 3-6 | First Published:22 February 2022


Siberia in the post‐Soviet stage: Transformation of territorial structure of economic and settlement system

Leonid A. Bezrukov

Pages: 7-26 | First Published:09 May 2020

Prospects for modernization of regional economies in remote regions of Far North‐East Russia

Natalya V. Galtseva, Oksana S. Favstritskaya, Olga A. Sharypova

Pages: 27-47 | First Published:08 May 2020

Impact of migrations on the demographic structures transformation in the Russian North, 1939–2019

Viktor Fauzer, Tatyana Lytkina, Andrey Smirnov

Pages: 48-62 | First Published:28 September 2020

“Agglomeration of flows”: Case of migration ties between the Arctic and the southern regions of Russia

Nadezhda Zamyatina, Ruslan Goncharov

Pages: 63-85 | First Published:05 January 2021

Arctic supporting zones: mechanisms of formation and functioning

Tamara Dmitrieva, Oleg Buriy

Pages: 86-98 | First Published:17 March 2020

Resilience capacity of contemporary Russian Arctic cities: Methodological approaches and quantitative assessments

Alexander Pilyasov, Varvara Molodtsova

Pages: 99-126 | First Published:10 March 2021

Spatial trends of innovation in the Russian oil and gas sector: What does patent activity in Siberia and the Arctic reflect?

Valeriy Kryukov, Anatoliy Tokarev

Pages: 127-146 | First Published:25 June 2021

Attracting highly skilled migrants to the Russian regions

Vera Barinova, Sylvie Rochhia, Stepan Zemtsov

Pages: 147-173 | First Published:31 August 2021

Farming on Arctic margins: Models of agricultural development in northern regions of Russia, Europe and North America

Alexey Naumov, Daria Sidorova, Ruslan Goncharov

Pages: 174-186 | First Published:22 February 2020

Reindeer husbandry as a basic sector of the traditional economy of indigenous ethnic groups: Present and future

Vladimir G. Loginov, Margarita N. Ignatyeva, Ilia V. Naumov

Pages: 187-202 | First Published:05 November 2020


Great minds in regional science

Roberta Capello

Pages: 203-204 | First Published:19 November 2021

The Party and the People: Chinese Politics in the 21st Century

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Pages: 205-207 | First Published:08 December 2021

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