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Thursday, 11 April 2019 10:52

Spatial Econometrics 5-day Workshop (July 8-12) in the ICPSR Summer Program

Spatial Econometrics 5-day Workshop (July 8-12) in the ICPSR Summer Program

SPATIAL ECONOMETRICS – methods for empirical analysis of interdependent processes (a.k.a.: contagion, spillovers, network dependence, …)

Here’s a blurb about the workshop:


Do the outcomes in some units or individuals in your research analyses depend on outcomes in other units? That is, are the outcomes of interest in your studies likely contagious from units to neighboring units, or otherwise proximate or connected units? Do the processes you study diffuse across units in some manner? Are there spillovers across subjects? If you study anything in the social sciences, and likely most things beyond, almost certainly they are/do.

This workshop (July 8-12 in Ann Arbor) teaches empirical methods (focusing on spatial-autoregressive models) for modeling, for estimation, and for interpretation of such spatial (i.e., cross-unit) interdependence (a.k.a., contagion/diffusion/spillover/network-dependence...).

Applied (computer-lab) sessions and exercises are bilingual, i.e. with lab scripts in R and Stata both available, and students are of course welcome to use other software as they prefer.

Register through the ICPSR Summer School portal, linked here:


The course description from the ICPSR website is linked here & copied below:


And please feel free to email the workshop convener, Rob Franzese (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with any questions at all about the workshop, ICPSR, and/or UM & Ann Arbor.

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