The Regional Science Association was organized in December 1954 at the annual meeting of the Allied Social Science Associations in Detroit, Michigan. The founder of the association was Walter Isard, who served as chairman in the formative years. In 1957 elections were held for the first time. The following is a list of persons who held the office of President, the term and the scholarly field of the president, generally defined as the field of their highest degree.

Presidents, Terms & Fields

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Hiroyuki Shibusawsa 
2025-2026, Urban and
Regional Economic System
Hans Westlund
Sweden, 2023-2024, Urban and
Regional Studies
(VP 2022)
           Eduardo Haddad
Brazil, 2021-22, Economics
(VP 2020)
Partridge Mark1
budy resosudarmo
Mark Partridge
USA, 2019-20, Economics 
(VP 2018)
Budy Resosudarmo
Indonesia/Australia, 2017-18,
(Jacques Poot, VP 2016)
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
Spain/UK, 2015-16, Geography
(VP 2014)
Jean-Claude Thill
Belgium/USA, 2013-14, Public Policy 
(VP, 2012)
Yoshiro Higano
Japan, 2011-12, Environmental Science 
(VP 2010)

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Roberta Capello
Italy, 2009-10,Regional Economics 
(VP 2008)
Roger R. Stough
USA, 2007-08, Geography and 
Environmental Engineering 
(VP 2006)
Robert J. Stimson
Australia, 2005-06, Geography 
(VP 2004)
Antoine Bailly
France/Switzerland, 2003-04, Geography 
(VP 2002)
Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
UK/ USA, 2001-02, Geography 
(VP 2000)
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Hirotada Kohno
Japan, 1999-00, Economics
(VP 1998)
Peter Batey
UK, 1997-98, Regional Planning
(VP 1996)
Kingsley E. Haynes
USA, 1995-96, Geography
(VP 1994)
Lay Gibson
USA, 1993-94, Geography
(VP 1992)
Peter Nijkamp
Netherlands, 1991-92, Economics
(VP 1990)

In 1989, the Regional Science Association was reorganized as the Regional Science Association International. Beginning in 1991, Presidents serve two-year terms.

Rodney C. Jensen, Australia, 1989-90, Economics
Rolf Funck, Germany, 1988-89, Economics
Noboru Sakashita, Japan, 1987-88, Economics
David Boyce, USA, 1986-87, Regional Science
Lloyd Rodwin, USA, 1985-86, Regional Planning
Ake Andersson, Sweden, 1984-85, Economics
Allan Pred, USA, 1983-84, Geography
Barclay G. Jones, USA, 1982-83, Economics
Ryszard Domanski, Poland, 1981-82, Geography
Jean Paelinck, Netherlands ,1980-81, Economics
Martin J. Beckmann, USA, Germany, 1979-80, Economics
William Alonso, USA, 1978-79, Regional Science
Per Holm, Sweden, 1977-78, City Planning
Leo H. Klaassen, Netherlands, 1976-77, Economics
Morgan D. Thomas, USA, 1975-76, Geography
Stan Czamanski, USA and Israel, 1975-76, Regional Science
Genpachiro Konno, Japan, 1974-75, Economics
Leon N. Moses, USA, 1972-73, Economics
Kazimierz Dziewoński, Poland, 1971-72, Geography
Gerald A. P. Carrothers, Canada, 1970-71, Regional Planning and Economics
Benjamin Chinitz, USA, 1969-70, Economics
Torsten Hägerstrand, Sweden, 1968-69, Geography
Benjamin H. Stevens, USA 1967-68, Regional Planning and Economics
Britton Harris, USA, 1966-67, City Planning
William Warntz, USA, 1965-66, Geography
Charles L. Leven, USA, 1964-65, Economics
William L. C. Wheaton, USA, 1963-64, Political Science
William L. Garrison, USA, 1962-63, Geography
Edgar M. Hoover, USA, 1961-62, Economics
Edward L. Ullman, USA, 1960-61, Geography
Robert B. Mitchell, USA, 1959-60, City Planning
Walter Isard, USA, 1958-59, Economics
Walter Isard, USA, 1957-58, Economics
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