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Latest issue of the journal Regional Statistics is available

I would like to offer your attention the latest issue of our journal Regional Statistics.





Researching commuting to work using the methods of complex network analysis

DOI: 10.15196/RS06101

Attempts to delineate functional regions in Hungary based on commuting data

DOI: 10.15196/RS06102

Internal migration transition in Romania?

DOI: 10.15196/RS06103

Group-specific analysis of commuting in the most disadvantaged areas of Hungary

DOI: 10.15196/RS06104

The importance of spatial adjustment processes in the labour force: the case of Albania

DOI: 10.15196/RS06105

Fuzzy models in regional statistics

DOI: 10.15196/RS06106

Analysis of the lowest airfares considering the different business models of airlines, the case of Budapest

DOI: 10.15196/RS06107

Health inequalities regarding territorial differences in Hungary by discussing life expectancy

DOI: 10.15196/RS06108

Assessing the regional impact based on destination image

DOI: 10.15196/RS06109

Identifying settlements involved in Hungary’s transit traffic

DOI: 10.15196/RS06110



Mapping the position of cities in corporate research and development through a gravity model-based bidimensional regression analysis

DOI: 10.15196/RS06111

Commuting links between settlement hierarchy levels in Hungary

DOI: 10.15196/RS06112

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