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The School of Geography and Development (SGD) is part of a top-ranked Research One land-grant university. The faculty and graduate student expertise covers the entire spectrum of contemporary geography. SGD offers a range of academic and professional degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

The Regional Economics And Spatial Modeling (REASM) laboratory is a research center focusing on the development of theories and tools to model urban, regional and interregional economic systems. Founded in 2012 by Drs. Sandy Dall’erba and Daoqin Tong, REASM’s expertise consists in modeling spatial interactions based on techniques such as Geographical Information Systems, spatial statistics, spatial econometrics, interregional input-output and spatial optimization analysis. Applications cover fields as broad as regional economic growth, regional and local development, public policies, the housing market, public and private service facility location, farmers’ markets, transportation and, more recently, the impact of climate change on agriculture.

Programs and Degrees in Regional Science

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Regional Economics And Spatial Modelling Laboratory - REASM  School of Geography and Development – SGD

Thesis on Regional Science in the last five years


Liz Ileana Rodriguez-Gamez- Ph.D. - New perspectives on the spatial analysis of urban employment distribution and commuting patterns: The cases of Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregon, Mexico

Sandy Dall’erba


Trevor Kollmann- Ph.D. - Housing Markets, Government Programs, and Race during the Great Depression

Sandy Dall’erba


Jason Jurjevich- Ph.D. - Compositional and Contextual Effects Across Political Landscapes: Case Studies of Migration and Same-Sex Marriage 

David Plane


Sandra Holland- Ph.D. - Hedonic Modeling of the Tucson Housing Market: The Effect of Educational Submarkets on House Prices

David Plane

Students Awards in Regional Science

customLogoHonorable Mention Status - 25th Charles M. Tiebout Prize Competition- Western Regional Science meeting

2011 - Liz Ileana Rodriguez-Gamez - Employment density in Hermosillo, 1999-2004: a spatial econometric approach of local parameters

Finalist - 25th Charles M. Tiebout Prize Competition- Western Regional Science meeting

2011 - Trevor Kollmann - Impact of African American Migration on Housing in New York City Neighborhoods during the Great Depression

Regional Science Scholars

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 Sandy 1

Sandy Dall’erba

Hammond George large

George Hammond


David Plane


Daoqin Tong

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