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The School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at ASU offer instruction, research and outreach in geography, urban planning and GIS, with several undergraduate and graduate degree programs, exciting interdisciplinary research efforts and centers, and important community engagement. 

Through ASU Online, the university offers online degree programs that may be of interest to students searching for distance options, or those who are otherwise unable to attend ASU's in-house programs. The ASU Online GIS webpage is:

Programs and Degrees in Regional Science

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B.S. in Geography with GIS Certificate

B.S. in Geography (Urban Studies with GIS Certificate)

B.S. in Geography

GIS Certificate

M.A. in Geography

Masters of Advanced Study (M.A.S.) in Geographic Information Systems

Ph.D. in Geography (Computational Spatial Science at ASU)

Thesis on Regional Science in the last five years


Nicholas Malizia - Ph.D. - Essays on Space-Time Interaction Tests

Anselin (Chair), Rey, Murray

Pedro Amaral - Ph.D. - The spatial distribution of health equipment in Brazil    

Roberts (Cambridge); visiting student at GeoDa Center


David Folch - Ph.D. - The Centralization Index as a Measure of Local Spatial Segregation

Rey (Chair), Anselin, Murray

Ran Wei - Ph.D. - Addressing Geographic Uncertainty In Spatial Optimization

Murray (Chair), Anselin, Rey, Mack

Jing Yao - Ph.D. - Spatial Optimization Approaches for Solving the Continuous Weber and multi-Weber Problems        

Murray (Chair), Anselin, Rey


Der-Shiuan Lee - Ph.D. – Taiwan Intermetropolitan Networks of Co-invention in American Biotechnology

Ó Huallacháin (Chair), Kuby, Anselin

Daniel Arribas-Bel - Ph.D. - Essays on the distribution and spatial structure of cities     

Rey; visiting student at GeoDa Center

Students Awards in Regional Science

Pedro Amaral

2011 - Editor's Choice for Best Referee in Spatial Economic Analysis, Regional Studies Association

2010 - Graduate Student Paper Competition (3rd place), North American Regional Science Council

2009 - Taught Master Award (now known as Nathaniel Lichfield Award), Regional Studies Association

2008 - Best Young Spatial Econometrician - Applied Paper, Spatial Econometrics Association

Elizabeth Mack

2013 - Regional Studies Association (RSA) Early Career Research Grant

2009-2010 - 10th Annual Benjamin Stevens Graduate Fellowship, North American Regional Science Council

Regional Science Scholars

Link Staff


Luc Anselin


Sergio Rey


Alan Murray


Elizabeth Mack

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