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RSPP Call for Paper on Regional Drivers Effects and Policies of Coronavirus

RSPP Call for Papers on Regional Drivers Effects and Policies of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading around the world somehow anticipated by the news that announces it. The World Health Organization (WHO) issues daily reports that include the number of people infected by country and by region.

On the one hand, from a medical perspective, critical questions arise regarding the development of vaccines, methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients.

On the hand, there are pressing issues associated with monitoring and prevention that concern everyone and long-term issues related to the birth and spread of this infection naturally related to the structure and interaction of humans in space.

- Are all countries and regions monitoring the spread of the virus efficiently? - Are there places where preventive measures are more effective than in others? Are there cities where medical care is more adequate than in others? Are there policies that have worse net effect for peoples and places?

Regional Science can and should commit to this urgent research questions treating large amounts of data and information to generate useful knowledge for people, journalists, health providers and policy makers.

  • RSPP Working Papers on the topic are very much welcome. For that use the template available and submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We review and assess the submission of Working Papers and can accept sequential versions of each when new data can provide updated evidences.
  • Full papers on the Regional Drivers Effects and Policies of Coronavirus (Covid-19) are also very much needed. For that, use the platform of RSPP The editorial team will put an extra effort on the revision of the papers submitted to this urgent topic.
  • Once accepted and edited the papers will be available free on-line for some time and once we get a set of papers of the topic, we will compile them in a Special Issue on the Regional Drivers Effects and Policies of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Editorial Team


Useful data

- Relevant Papers:

- Stata format data for the diffusion of the virus in Italian NUTS3 regions that are on a daily basis published by the Ministry of Health - FILE (download)

- Data Bases on the daily infected and deaths related to Corona Virus for the countries of the world and for China based on WHO reports - Last update (27/3/2020 - updated weekly by Catia Azevedo)


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